December 9, 2020

New day 25mo baby boy indoor playtime

 A new day playing indoor with my 25mo baby boy is a real challenge for both of us, in pandemic corona times...

Coloring like a pro....only with mommy beside him.... guess what? I think I like to get 15 minutes of relaxing, coloring and do nothing instead.

And the Ikea train and railways are a win-win! 

I had the time, leaving my 25months baby boy playing alone with the Ikea train, to put all the frozen chopped veggies to boil for a beef soup. Adding 2 spoons of tomato juice, a chopped onion and sone chopped potatoes and leaving to boil for 1Hour.

Yes, I had the beef already cooked in the slow cooker, the night before.

Just added some fresh thyme and sour cream and lemon juice in each bowl, right before serving! Yummy and healthy!
My husband and my baby boy loves to eat beef soup at dinner, served with homemade bread ( I used a Tefal bread making machine...just added a pinch of turmeric in my bread...for a joyful colour)

Less time spent in my kitchen, more  mental health for me!


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