After 2 years of breastfeeding my baby boy

 We had to say stop after 2 years of breastfeeding my baby boy.

It took me 3 months to stop breastfeeding my baby boy....firstly  I took out one breastfeeding session during the day, after 5 days..another one...sometime, he was hard.. 

The breastfeeding session to put him to bed in the evening it took me 1 month to take it out.

Long neck shirts for me was a plus...daily.

More fruit juices , homemade, with water added for my baby boy, during the day, when he wanted to be breastfed.

More healthy snacks like apple pieces...grapes..

More time to play with me and more huggs...

More hugs and sleeping in my arms, near my heart...not easy, he always wanted to have some breast milk.

More many more kisses.

More time spent outside before to go to sleep at much more time spent running or biking...

No other type of milk agreed was a big problem for me... Ì tried goat milk, cow milk, powered success.

My bedtime story


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