New day 1year10months - baby cubes

Learning the colours . Green is his favourite.

Having  some green leaves from our morning walk, my baby boy tried to chop .... I prepared a soup next to him and he tried to make the same.....

New day

What animals eat and point the finger on the animal and the food associated

Playing in the farm.. on a big paper picture with the ducks and cats and horses.. an entire day

He said how the dog make the sound, the cat and the duck.

A toy tank and an excavator bucket and a tilting machine put together to make a yard because we want to build together a building 

And the baby cubes from Trefl with farm animals activities on each side.....perfect for him to keep him busy like 15 minutes. He loves me to explain over and over again each domestic animal action and sound . The baby duck is still on top.


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