New day, new challenge for my 21 months baby boy

Wake up at 7.45

Breakfast corn cereals with yogurt

Playing with Montessori game with numbers and forms and colored sticks and roling a yellow car and playing with cubes.

Learning and repeating forms and colors from some very good books.

Going outside and play 45 minutes and walked and discover the wind in tall trees...nice sound!

A snack at 11,cinamon roll, and lunch at 13.30 some polenta with fried chicken livers, I prepared in less than 20 minutes.

Going to sleep at 13 for 2 Hours, he took me in his arms after 1 Hour, just opened his lovely!

Snack apple with biscuit at 16 and some cartoons with Mickey Mouse for 30 minutes.

Playing with a small soft ball in each room and with  balls all over..

Going outside at 17.20 for 1 Hour and 30 minutes.

Dinner at 19.00 just some tofu with pieces of fresh tomatoes.

Playing hide and seek with me and daddy.....still not calling me mommy...just takes me by the hand.

Bath time at 21.00, tonight with bath toys and spending more than 30 minutes playing in the tub....

By 22.00 my baby boy already breastfed, was in the dreaming world.

And the bedtime story tonight was with the giraffe by the sea

So let's go back to mummy time....time to wash the dishes, put the laundry in the washing machine...and a glass of wine. Or just orange dark chocolate...

I am happy and graceful for such a day.

How was your day today?!


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