October 30, 2019

New indoor activity fun with my 1 year old son

I share with you my new indoor activity fun with my 1 year old son.

For rainy days, too foggy days and days when your feaver or tommy or any other illness won't let you go outside and play.

The cardboard cubes, we all have cubes for toddler, can be placed one in front of the other to make a cubes train, descending from 10 to 3. And a small car, metalic car, can use it for a race! It is fun for  my 1 year old son. A photo will be posted today

Buying less toys is more healthy because playing with the same wood toy can help your kid to discover new abilities, his imagination is more creative. Getting bored is good! Less is good! Getting bored at their age, a toddler can expand their imagination and be more creative.

Less is more healthy for our kids, our Planet, for us.


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