Keep a gratitude journal - less is healthy

Keep a gratitude journal is my very next thing to do.

In the morning, enjoying my coffee, while my baby boy is napping.

What am I thankful for?

Oh, my God. A lot!

I am thankful for having my baby boy in my 40s after 20years of waiting...

I am thankful for resigning my banking career and having time to do what I like.

I am thankful for the last sunny day playing outside for two hours with my husband and my baby boy.

I am thankful for the last Friday when my baby boy had such a quality time spent with my parents...smiling and laughing all together.

I am thankful for the next Saturday. I am being so thrilled, I'll spend time with my sister, her big boy and my baby boy, in her town, enjoying a delicious chocolate ice cream.
Yes, I know, I am thankful in advance. I like to thank God for my very next short term day off.

I am thankful for having 10 minutes this morning for myself enjoying a cup of fresh black coffee!

I am thankful for being healthy!

I am thankful for less....stress.

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