October 8, 2014

Tasty healthy recipes of a cancer survivor

A healthy lifestyle makes you happy everyday. And in order to be healthy and to be fit, work your abs and go to the gym. Do not forget about the hydrotherapy and massage, it really helps you to raise your metabolism and keep you fit.
The most important thing is the best food.
Raw foods are healthy, natural and easy to prepare.
Keep the three most important meals of a day: breakfast, lunch or dinner.
And please choose from a variety of dishes: tasty healthy recipes of a cancer survivor.

The first recommendation: please feel free to eat as much as you want :
- two peaches chopped or 200 grame blueberries
- 30 grame almond
- 50 grame nuts
- 30 grame honey
Mix all together and add some cinnamon if you'd prefer.
It is not easy and not cheap to eat a raw food diet. Please note it is for your long and healthy life.

My recommendation for you
I bought one for my mom because she prepares daily salads and she loved it from the very first moment!

Home made natural ice cream

3 eggs
200 ml honey
300ml sour cream
30g cocoa powder
First, beat the sour cream with half of the honey for 15 min. Keep to the fridge. Separate the egg and beat the three white eggs until you obtain a thick foam. Add the rest of the eggs, the rest of the honey and keep slow mixing all together. Add the sour cream from the fridge. Split in two parts and one part mix it with the cocoa powder. In clean cups, put half of the white ice cream and half of the cocoa ice-cream and keep it for four Hours to the refrigerator.

Enjoy the healthy ice cream!


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