March 18, 2014

Quick meal with meatballs

Birds or meatballs?! I am sooo confused...

For you kid, you need meatballs, cheese for the birds nest, black olives and butter for the eyes and a bit of ketchup for the birds mouth.

What do you think?! There are handsome?!

Creative Challenge


My son likes it! Might try to do this =)


Ha ha brilliant, you've got to be creative sometimes to get kids to eat well! brilliant stuff! Thanks so much for linking to #creativechallenge xx

These are great? I made pig pancakes recently and the boys loved them, might give these a go :) #CreativeChallenge

The cutest meatballs ever!
Thank you for linking up at #FunFoodFriday!

These meatballs are TOO cute!!

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