August 23, 2011

Quick healthy meal: german salad with sweet potatoes

Quick healthy meal: german salad with sweet potatoes

8 boiled potatoes
8 slices ham
1 cup green olives
1/2 cup chopped parsley
4 red onions
salt and pepper

Mix the ingredients and serve to dinner.


Who can resist potatoes salad, a sure hit at my home too.

I like the idea of ham and olives in the potatoes. Smoky and salty...a great combo

This recipe looks delicious! Thank you!

I love potato salad and make a ton of it in the summer :) Thanks for the idea!

Definitely my kind of food! Remember to follow me & try out my recipes. I hope to have your food pix displayed at my Facebook album :)

Just wanted to let you know I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award!!


Thanks so much for joining my blog so happy to be here and read your awesome recipes they are wonderful I will be trying many of them thanks for sharing them.

Always Wendy

This looks lovely. I've been wanting to make potato salad...maybe I'll give this one a try!

Healthy salad,looks so delicious.

Wow... Something great for my diet! It starts TOMORROW! :)

I use bacon instead of ham because it adds more flavor to this potato salad.

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