Quick healthy meal: apple with carrots and peanuts

Quick healthy meal: apple with carrots and peanuts

This recipe is my favorite, because I love to eat apples and carrots. 

And the salad is so easy to prepare it and in 3 minutes is ready!
You can serve it as breakfast or lunch. 
You can serve it with nachos or ........just fresh.

Cut and peel two carrots with one apple, half of a celery and one cup of salted peanuts. Mix and ground the ingredients with a kitchen mixer and.......eat!

Enjoy the apple salad with carrots and peanuts, a quick healthy meal!

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Barbara spunea...

That looks so delicious and sounds so easy to make!

Kiddothings spunea...

Oh if only my kids (and I) would eat raw carrots. This sounds easy and nutritious. Maybe I can substitute carrot with something else?
Thanks for leaving me a nice comment in my blog Elena. Have a great weekend!

Nava K spunea...

Bet this is a good breakfast, surely healthy and your pic looks so tempting Elena.

cooking varieties (wan) spunea...

hi elena, simple yet creative and healthy to eat.. great recipe idea

Name: Holly Bowne spunea...

Hmmm...this sounds like an interesting way to get my son to eat carrots. I'll give it a whirl! Thanks for sharing! :o)