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Free daily planner Less is Healthy

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Try to add your ten daily principles: Less coffee, more walking outside ( try to walk or jogging for one Hour per day). Less stress, more sleep. Less sugar, more fresh fruits. Apple are good for health. Less TV, more laughing… Add yours…   lessishealthy_dailyplanner  

Less stress is healthy

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Less stress is healthy, I am positive. Do you remember how your grandparents used to live? More sleep, good food, more time spent with the nature, ….less stress….more health.

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Thank you, Rachel, for your prayers and for your support.



I was just looking over some of the comments on my blog and I like to view the blogs of those that leave comments so here I am. I can’t imagine what you are going through. Life can sure be a roller coaster. I will pray for you and continue to follow. Good luck and hopefully we’ll see good news on here soon. And I agree…less stress is definitely healthy.



I want to encourage you in your fight to regain your health. I also believe that stress is the leading cause of most health issues. Keep your strong mind and your strong faith…Prayers for you.



Thank you @mummyshambles for your support. I am trying to be strong.