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Plums crumble

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Plums crumble is the best healthy snacks for a tween party! You’ll need 5 cups of freshly chopped plums and 5 tablespoons of sugar and 5 cups of bread crumbs. If you like cinammon or roasted pumpkin seeds you can add on top….Add in a saucepan the plums, the sugar and the bread crumbs. Put in the oven for 30 minutes and serve with vanilla ice cream.   plums_crumble    

I had 2 days off

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I had 2 days off. Tomorrow I will post a quick recipe, ready in 5 minutes for a plum crumble, perfect for kids parties..

My peach dessert ready in 5 minutes

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  My peach dessert ready in 5 minutes perfect for kids parties! Sorry if I’ll post the recipe later…… see I try to stay positive while I fight breast cancer and I’m in pain…on a daily basis!……….BUT………this is one of the hardest days.  Ok, here you have the recipe: I used canned peaches ( you can use fresh peaches …peeled), 4 canned peaches and the syrup was made with 1 cup of icing sugar and the juice of 1 large lemon; put the syrup in a small saucepan and heat for 3-5 minutes until the sugar melts. Cover the peaches with syrup and add roasted sesame seeds on top and some extra raw honey! peaches_pumpkinseeds

Let’s eat and color peaches

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Peaches are high in sugar, are very good as healthy snack for kids because there are no fat and the vitamins in peaches are essential for healthy hearts, eyes, urinary and digestive functions.   peaches   Let’s eat and color peaches!

Apple, pear and grapes for kids

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Apple, pear and grapes for kids are perfect for a snack and in the same time, the kids can learn the colors, they can color their snack! Print and color for free!   apple_pear_grapes   fruit-basket-cynthia-berridge Less…sugar…is healthy!

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Thank you, Rachel, for your prayers and for your support.



I was just looking over some of the comments on my blog and I like to view the blogs of those that leave comments so here I am. I can’t imagine what you are going through. Life can sure be a roller coaster. I will pray for you and continue to follow. Good luck and hopefully we’ll see good news on here soon. And I agree…less stress is definitely healthy.



I want to encourage you in your fight to regain your health. I also believe that stress is the leading cause of most health issues. Keep your strong mind and your strong faith…Prayers for you.



Thank you @mummyshambles for your support. I am trying to be strong.