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Easy to organize a Harry Potter party

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I like to organize parties for kids, toddlers and even teenagers and I love Harry Potter. I found a new passion: organizing themed parties. We had a Harry Potter birthday party for my youngest girl. A success! You can try to incorporate the best birthday party ideas into your party and give it a try to organize a Harry Potter party! Make magic with ideas for planning and decorations for a Harry Potter party.

Some steps to organize a Harry Potter party on Halloween 2014 On Saturday February 28, 2009 we had a Harry Potter birthday party for 16 children to celebrate our daughter’s 8th birthday. Ever since I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I immediately thought of hosting a Harry Potter party, so I have been collecting ideas, supplies & props since the fall of 2000! Birthday Party Ideas – Harry Potter Birthday Party – Party planning ideas for children’s parties with ideas for decorations and activities for a kids Harry Potter party. A Harry Potter Halloween Party is always a fun way to celebrate Halloween. All the British Halloween recipes have a Harry Potter theme and recipes including turn your home into Hogwarts. How to set the stage for a fun and spooky Harry Potter Halloween Party. Make your own Harry Potter themed food and drink: Butterbeer; Pumpkin Juice, Cookies and Cake; Cauldron Cakes; Licorice and Pretzel Wands; Cockroach Clusters.    

Would you like to organize a Harry Potter party on Halloween 2014?

Let’s learn how to make some money on Halloween

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 It begins with a Halloween party

Let’s learn how to save and how to make some extra money on Halloween. It begins with a Halloween party. What to do with the Halloween leftovers?! Well, turn it into money! All the candies that remain after a Halloween party, you can sell it for less and make some money for Thanksgiving Day or for Christmas time.

Do you know how to make cheap simple Halloween costumes to make money on Halloween?

Buy Halloween costumes to make money on Halloween

And what to do with the Halloween costumes?! Well, you can buy it! After the Halloween party, all the shops are sales with 50% – 70% off and you can save it till next year or you can transform it for kids Christmas parties at school. Your child loves dressing like super heroes?! A Halloween costume for kids has to be comfortable because they want to wear it day and night. A hero is a true hero most of the time during the night!   A Halloween costume for kids has to be durable, I want him to use it to trick or treat hours to help hand out candy. A Halloween costume for kids has to be age appropriateness and size. You may try to make a Halloween costume from a hoodie. …has to have the logo of the super hero written clear and eligible. The cape of the costume is a great weight – not too heavy to tugs the neck. The legs has an extra material to cover the shoes and to look like Spiderman from head to toe. …has to be not too stretchy and breathable if is not made of cotton, the quality of the fabric has to be good (not too much polyester with strange smell) And the accessories has not to have sticky things attached, has to be sewn. 

Halloween online for you

Halloween affiliate programs can make some money for you on Halloween! You need a blog, some inspiration and time to write. You can write about Halloween bargains, sales, big discounts and customers programs. All you need is some Halloween inspiration!

Would you like to learn how to make some money on Halloween?

Try to create Halloween recipes

Try to create Halloween recipes and bring some visitors to your blog. Choose Halloween recipes on your blog on And add ads on your blog with free register on amazon, adsense, clickbank, shareasale, linkshare, commission junction or other.

Try a Halloween cake recipe

Why not trying to create a Halloween cake recipe, no bake gluten-free Halloween cake or a scary Halloween cake topper, edible cake topper? We all need a quick and easy cake to prepare for Halloween and if it has a scary cake topper, is good to go!

Try Halloween cupcakes toppers

If you need to make some money on Halloween, you may think to design some Halloween cupcakes toppers with pumpkin, ghosts, witches hats, zombies in pdf for less. You can even get some cupcakes toppers for free printing…

Or more…

Halloween party planning on Blogspot and hubpages are free to register and to write all the time you feel comfortable to do it. Make videos on how to make-up for Halloween party. Print and make Halloween treats ( buy more candies in bulk packages and with Halloween party printables make special small Halloween treat bags).

Would you like to learn how to make some Halloween party free printables to make money on Halloween?

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