Still no baby

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Still no baby or….still breast cancer…how should I put it? I am almost 37…in 2 months….and still waiting for my first baby….no pregnancy yet. My doctor still insist with the surgery to remove the cancer from my left breast…and I am still thinking if he will cut it all…or it’s going to be a long wayvto recover and still no baby. Have you been in my shoes? Please leave me a comment and let me know how it was for you…and how many kids you have now….I am always happy for new moms.

Trying to conceive at 36 having breast cancer

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Sad….I am trying to conceive my first baby at 36 still having breast cancer. Can you help me with some advice? Do you know somebody having the same problem?

Do you have days with no motivation to do anything?!

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If you’re not feeling motivated, just scroll and see the faces of some happy children. It will help, trust me! Do you know what is depression? Did you met depression in your life? Or you are a happy person, no depression at all?! Are you feeling depressed today? Or stressed? All your days seem to have the same mood? Or you are just tired? You must know being tired can be very confusing…..and it can be diagnozed by you as a depression. Each life has sad parts……. but this not make us ill….and indeed, we need time to create for us a healthy way of life, there is no need to force the universe. Do you have no motivation for work, for paying the bills, for taking your kids to school, for doing extra hours at work….or for anything? If you have negative thoughts every day with no particular reason, than: Houston, we have a problem! You can be an authentic depressed person. But, there is hope. Talking with your therapist, you can discover no more difficult or embarassing questions, only a simple discussion, this is how a psychotherapy session take place nowadays. “A lot of people are facing your situation or similar…” “If you want, I can be your companion to overcome this chaos time..” ….only a few words of a psychotherapist.   enjoylifenow       Come and check  for a big smile today! Eliminate the negative emotions and become a positive person!

My life in pink, I have breast cancer

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October is Breast Cancer Month and starting with October 2013, the month October is so special to me….
In May 2013, my life changed for good. I was informed I have breast my doctor….so I had to start the very known battle as my mom did: the fight with cancer.

If you think pink is good……..

If you think pink is good……..think again. Pink for breast cancer…….not so good. First of all, I ‘ve started to live each day like it was the last day of my life….no more life plans…nothing….and every day included 2 Hours of long beach walks or running or 1 Hour ping-pong…Daily!

Do you have breast cancer?

In my spare time, after I go to work and after my daily treatment , I like to create kids party supplies and new coloring pages…all for free…I love kids, I don’t have kids and I think, being in my early 30s with breast cancer, I will not have kids….. My best friend?! Nutella! It is sweet, full of chocolate and understands me so well…

You can feel happiness even if you have cancer

I love life! Don’t get me wrong…but I would love to have a big happy family! With a lot of kids of my own and some adopted…with lot of love…unconditional love….and more experiences………with getting exhausted sometime in the night looking for a bed to rest and to start all over again the next morning……you know kids can love you no matter what…and you can feel the happiness through the love of one kid…
You know what it means to take care of your health when you get ill…when you have cancer….breast cancer, you start to think again how to appreciate and to take care of your health…the most precious resource for you.

Do you feel happy sometimes even if you have cancer?

I am not perfect…and I don’t search for perfection or happiness…I just want a normal happy healthy life with a husband to love and which loves me and a big family with a lot of kids……….so what I want?! alot of unconditional love…..and happy healthy kids…….and a happy healthy normal life…
I have a husband…I need my health and my kids! Do you have a big happy healthy family?!

I love life! And….surprisingly, I love cancer! Breast cancer tought me to see my next morning as my last day of my life and to live it as happiest as I can. To love more. To laugh more. To watch the sky, the people more…….To pray more….To want to live more…… Life is beautiful……..and is worth to be lived and loved even with breast cancer.
My life in pink is my happiest life, I’ll be thrilled to win the fight with breast cance, but till then, I will live my life in the happiest way possible and I will love nature, animals, people, my husband, my parents, God, everything. Love for your own life gives you an extra power!  

Do you live your life like today is your last day?

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Thank you, Rachel, for your prayers and for your support.



I was just looking over some of the comments on my blog and I like to view the blogs of those that leave comments so here I am. I can’t imagine what you are going through. Life can sure be a roller coaster. I will pray for you and continue to follow. Good luck and hopefully we’ll see good news on here soon. And I agree…less stress is definitely healthy.



I want to encourage you in your fight to regain your health. I also believe that stress is the leading cause of most health issues. Keep your strong mind and your strong faith…Prayers for you.



Thank you @mummyshambles for your support. I am trying to be strong.